Valken V-Lite 200 Round Paintball Hopper - Black

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The Valken V-Lite Fast Feed 200 round paintball loader is the perfect solution to the age-old issue of jammed paintballs in gravity fed hoppers. The V-Lite Fast Feed 200 round gravity paintball loader uses an internal guide to “lighten” the load on the paintballs as they feed into the hopper's feed neck, reducing the risk of jams and producing a steady flow of paintballs feeding to the paintball gun for firing. Not only is the Valken V-Lite Fast Feed hopper extremely durable and ultra-affordable due to its motor-free, battery-free design, the Valken V-Lite Fast Feed is the perfect fit for any paintball gun that is looking for a strong feeding advantage over traditional 200 round gravity fed paintball loaders/hoppers. When it's time to move up to an improved paintball hopper for higher rates of fire with fewer feed jams and chopped paintballs, step up to the Valken V-Lite Fast Feed 200 round paintball loader!



  • 200 round, gravity-fed paintball loader
  • Redesigned to help prevent feed jams and improve rates of fire
  • No more shaking a hopper when it jams!
  • Simple and battery free!
  • Secure snap-shut flip lid


Manufacturer SKU: 90422