Non-Lethal Home Defense Pistols

Non-Lethal Home Defense Pistols

Home defense pistols are the perfect self-defense for both you and your family because they are non lethal deterrents. Instead of needing to license and keep a firearm for protection, you can get a paintball pistol or revolver that comes with .50 caliber reusable nylon rounds or pepper balls to drive away would be assailants. Most products operate off of a 12g CO2 cartridge that is not engaged until you strike them on, so misfire is less of a concern.

The T4E HDP comes in 2 different sized options. The first is the full size T4E HDP .50 caliber non-lethal self-defense pistol. This pistol holds up to 6 rounds at a time and one ready to use 12gr CO2. Included with the gun is 10 P2P .50 caliber pepper ball and 10 .50 caliber nylon rounds.

If you are looking for a portable HDP that fits easily in a purse or small bag, checkout the Umarex T4E P2P HDP .50 cal Compact Pistol. It is the perfect size at just 7.17 inches and it comes with snag-free activation so you can have piece of mind while it is stored. The P2P HDP 50 Compact .50 Caliber Pepper or Rubber Ball Personal Defense Pistol deploys quickly so you can act quickly!


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