A layaway plan is the perfect way to nab a hard-to-get product when you are a little short on cash! It does have a short pay off period though, so if you want longer to pay off your purchase and don't mind having a line of credit, try financing instead or compare the two: financing vs layaway.

How long does a layaway last?

We give 30 days to finish paying off your layaway items.

While these are the maximum lengths, actual length will be decided on a per case basis.

What is the cost?

The only cost is a deposit of 50% (minimum) for new or used Items of the order total, due at the time of initiation. The deposit is part of the overall payment and will be credited towards the purchase.

Trade items are accepted as deposits, with certain conditions:

  • Use of trade items as deposit/payment must be agreed upon at the time of initiation and you will be issued documentation once the trade is received
  • In the case of cancellation of the layaway agreement, the Items traded in will not be returned. Instead you will be issued store credit worth 75% of the original trade value of the Item or the original cash offer, whichever you choose.*

 *This is in accordance with our policy of giving a lower value for cash comparative to trades. 

When are payments due?

A minimum payment of 50% of total balance minus deposit is due to start a layaway.

Full payment is illustrated and due in the above chart and is emailed to all customers who choose to use layaway

If a payment is not made by the above schedule then the layaway in question is considered canceled unless otherwise arrangements were agreed upon by all orders considered canceled, will be issued a refund consisting of a 20% re-stocking fee or the original cash offer on used items.

What about price drops and special offers?

The price agreed upon at the time of initiation is the final price, there will be no adjustments.

Any special offers active after the time of initiation cannot be applied to your layaway. 

When will my items ship?

Your order will ship 1-2 business days after final payment is made. 

What can I put on layaway?

The minimum order total is $300.

While most products are available for the layaway program, we reserve the right to deem any product ineligible for the layaway program. Items that might be, but not limited to, private label items, custom items, limited edition items, etc.


Layaway's can be canceled at anytime. A refund will be given of all payments minus a 20% re-stocking fee Please allow 5-7 business days for processing.

How do I setup a layaway plan?

To layaway an item give us a call, submit a trade or purchase offer, or email

Layaway a product