Should anything go wrong with your new product, feel free to contact us and we will help you get it sorted out. Simple as that!

Most new products come with some sort of manufacturer warranty (though not all). Contact us or the manufacturer to find out if a specific product includes manufacturer warranty.

Used guns come with free 30-Day warranty

We provide a free 30 day warranty on all our used guns. This is to give you peace of mind that you will get a working gun when you spend your hard earned cash. Each used gun that has passed through our hands has been cleaned, checked for breaking parts, tested, lubed, and chronographed. We do this to give you the confidence that your used gun will show up in working condition! If for some reason the gun is not working when it shows up we want you to know, you ARE covered. We will gladly walk you through how to repair it yourself free of charge to you or replace/fully refund you in the event that the gun cannot be repaired; which has not happened yet out of 1000's of guns shipped. User error is not covered under the warranty but we will always try our best to get the gun up and working for you.

New guns come with manufacturer warranty (usually)

Though not all manufacturers include warranty with their guns, most do. Contact us or the manufacturer to find out if a specific gun includes manufacturer warranty.

In the event of a new gun not working, we would be glad to help you contact the manufacturer to get you taken care of under their warranty. Often times we can even fix it in house, because we are service certified by many manufacturers. You will not be left alone!