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The best airsoft pistols to choose from

The best airsoft pistols to choose from. First you need to decide what power source you'll want to use. There's few different one's but the main 2 that are most commonly used are  Green gas and Co2. And each has it's pro's and con's

Lets start with green gas pistols. Green gas is actually a supper chilled liquid mixed with silicon oil. When it warms up it turns into a gas in the valve and then you can fire. Also while it's firing the oil lube's the system. The draw back is that if it's cold out (40ºf)and you shoot through a mag, you can't use that mag until it warms up. Iff you do try and use it all the gas will dump out because the valve can't close. 

Now, CO2 is a liquid also but, it temperature to turn into a gas is much lower. It's also a lot easier to source, most local hardware or sporting goods stores will sell it. With C02 they're not able to combine it with silicon oil so it's a dry gas. That just means, periodically you're going to have to take you're airsoft gun apart and oil it, about once every 4-6 months, depending on how often you play.

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