Umarex T4E HDP 50 Pepper Ball Pistol

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T4E HDP 50 Pepper Ball Pistol is the best less lethal pistol

The best, Less Lethal, Home Self-Defence weapon on the market today, is the T4E HDP 50 pepper ball pistol by Umarex. This 12 gram CO2-Powered, .50 cal Air pistol is a great alternative to firearms and uses pepper or nylon balls for self-defense. 

CO2 in T4E Pistol and how to pierce the Co2 and arm the pistol

What is a less lethal round and what does it do?

Any projectile designed to stop a person, but not kill, is a less lethal round, and there are several different ways to do this. Peppe balls release PAVA powder. This powder causes a strong burning in the eyes, nose, and throat, making it hard to breathe and see.

Features that make this the best self-defense pistol

The split-second, quick piercing, CO2 activation system keeps your CO2 sealed and ready to use when needed. When needed, just give the piercing screw a quick tap to pierce and activate your CO2. Because you just pierced a new Co2 cartridge, you will have the most power when you need it!

Both Nylon and pepper ball ammo's included. Nylon balls are reusable and for practice to develop self-defense skills, the Pepper balls are to stop someone in there tracks!

No line of sight needed! You don't need to see the attacker to be able to stop them. The pepper balls have an effective range of 12' so whether someone is hiding or behind cover it doesn't matter.

Loading Projectiles in T4E Pistol


  • A 6-shot internal magazine
  • Built-in Quick Piercing System for CO2 cartridges
  • Compatible with rubber balls, chalk balls, and pepper balls
  • A picatinny accessory rail for lights, lasers, and more
  • Fiber optic iron sights
  • Safety disengagement on trigger pull
  • Allows you to keep a Co2 loaded but not pierced until you need it
  • Pepper rounds for less-than-lethal self-defense to stop someone in their tracks
  • Rubber balls for training and practice
  • Compatible with powder balls for an even more realistic training experience


T4E HDP with everything it comes with. The pistol, 10 reusable nylon balls and 10 less lethal 50 cal pepperballs

  • 1 x Umarex T4E HDP 50 with Quick Pierce System
  • 10 x Pepper Rounds
  • 10 x Rubber Balls
  • 1 x Cleaning Squeegee


Manufacturer SKU: 2292131


      Manufacturer SKU: 2292131

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