Trade & Purchase Terms

By submitting a request to purchase or trade item(s), you agree to the below terms.

Offer Limits

Any trade or purchase offer you receive from New Breed is valid for a period of four (4) days. If you do not accept it within this timeframe, New Breed reserves the right to cancel the offer and sell any item(s) you are interested in trading towards.

All item(s) included in the transaction must be legally owned by the requester (you) and proof may be required in certain transactions. If the item(s) are stolen or not legally owned by the requester, the offer or any agreement is nullified.

Agreement Limits

Once you accept a New Breed offer, an agreement is formed (both parties agree) and it is final.

  1. You have ten (10) days to ship your item(s) to New Breed, and provide tracking information by email. If you do not do so within this timeframe, New Breed reserves the right to cancel the agreement and sell any item(s) you are attempting to trade towards. You are responsible for all shipping costs related to sending your item(s) to New Breed.
  2. If items received are not as described, it will be at your expense. You may receive a lower credit offer or agreement cancellation and need to pay return shipping.

Service Time

The purchase you are making is not only for the item(s) you will be receiving but also for the service.

Due to the massive success of the program, at times New Breed gets backed up trying to handle all of the transactions. In order to continue giving the highest credit possible, New Breed has to clean, process, tech, post, and sell all the items being taken in, and—as New Breed receives larger demand due to events like gun releases, holidays, new seasons, and situations outside of New Breed's control—the service might occasionally experience longer than anticipated fulfillment times.

The team at New Breed does its very best to fulfill trades and issue credit as fast as possible, and most transactions are completed in the estimated time frame.

Item Availability

If an item you are interested in receiving is not in stock at the moment a trade is being setup, a New Breed team member will give an estimate on when it will be available. If an item you are trading towards is back-ordered or a pre-order, it may take significantly longer to receive the item. This is due to a combination of product availability and servicing time based on demand levels.

Order Fulfillment

All orders will be filled in the order they were placed based on color/design. No exceptions or cuts happen! Your spot in line is held once you send your down payment or item(s) in for trade.


New Breed does not offer refunds—even if another dealer has the item(s) in stock. However, at New Breed's discretion, you may receive an offer to move the credit from a trade over to another new gun/marker if the wait becomes much longer than expected. No refunds will be made, period.