Why Trade?

Should I trade-in my gun or gear?

You can get the latest guns or gear cheaper when you trade-in!

Get that new gun you want without breaking the bank! We trade new and gently used equipment including: Paintball markers, Airsoft guns, masks, loaders, tanks, and more! If you have a gun we are interested in we may even purchase it from you.

Better than selling privately or HopUp!

Why trade with us?

  • Get more for your gear - If you trade with us you will receive top-dollar store credit for it which you cannot get elsewhere along with the benefits below!
  • Return customers receive more credit - If you have shopped with us before and are trading-in that same gear, we will even give you a bit more! We do this because we appreciate our customers' support and want it to be mutually beneficial. (If that is you—thank you!)
  • Safer than traditional Buy/Sell/Trade (B/S/T) - We have thousands of successful transactions with excellent reviews and ratings which you can see on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. We have been in the paintball industry for almost 10 yrs, and we are a reputable, professional business. We're not some random guy on the internet in Kalamazoo with a paintball gun to sell you (which, let's face it, may not even work).
  • Free 30 Day Warranty - Every used item gets processed through our multi-check system where it is disassembled, teched, cleaned, and tested before it gets added up for sale or trade. On top of this, we warranty all our used guns for 30 days. Gone are the days of purchasing something, finding out it doesn't work, and getting stuck with the bill or broken item! You won't get this from your Craigslist's purchase!
  • Free 2-5 Day Shipping Over $149.99 - All trades over $149.99 in the United States get free 2-5 day shipping so you get your item fast and you can be ready to play!
  • Tech Department & Warranty Center - We are a manufacturer approved warranty center and have certificates for all major brands. Our tech team has years of experience and fixes 95% of the small issues free, including issues that you may have never even know were there! You can be sure any used marker you purchase from us will be 100% functional!
  • Professional Trade Process - Each trade is added through our custom trade point of sale. We record all shipping, customer, trade info, and payment info securely. We also send you a trade receipt for each trade with all the details of the transaction.

Trading is smart!

Trading in your used equipment is a great way to upgrade without spending a fortune.

In order to trade with us we need your email, phone number, address, info about the items you are trading, pictures of the items, and what you would like to trade towards. Provide us with as much information and follow our picture guide so that we can get back to you quicker and with a more accurate quote!

Be sure to read our Trade Terms before sending us a trade.

Unless we are receiving a high volume of trade requests, we usually get back to you within 48 business hours.