Why Paintball Size Matters

by Sky Friend on September 13, 2016 — Updated: November 28, 2019

Did you know that paintballs come in different sizes? If you didn't, don't feel bad. Not many people realize that not all paintballs are the same size. Even some of the most veteran paintball players will make the mistake of putting paintballs that are either too small or too large into their paintball gun. There is absolutely no point in dishing out the money for expensive, high quality paintball equipment if you are using the wrong size of paintballs. Luckily, we can help!

Before we tell you how to find the right paintballs for marker, you need to understand why size is important. If your paintballs are too small or too big, a different amount of air will escape each time you shoot, which makes it impossible to be able to shoot your gun consistently, and therefore it will be very difficult to accurately aim.ย 

One of the best ways to tell if your paintballs are the right size for your marker is to remove the barrel of your marker, and place a paintball in the back of it. If the paintball is the right size, you will be able to move it when you blow into the barrel. If the paintball is too small for your marker's barrel, it will roll freely. If the paintball is too big for your barrel, it won't move when you blow at it, or it will only move a little bit. If you want to be able to tell if the paintballs are a good size for your marker before you buy them, you can simply find the brand that was made for your marker!

When it comes to paintballs, size matters. Don't be the person that tries to fit paintballs into your marker that are too big or too small. Increase your accuracy by buying the right fit the first time!ย 

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