Stealth and Being Seen 2/4

by Sky Friend on September 13, 2016 — Updated: November 28, 2019

After you have your paintball gun checked for ball breakage and paint in the barrel, you’ve got your gear on and plenty of ammo, you are ready to go! Our last blog started the current blog series on strategies and tactics for the most successful paintball game.

Our first topic in Stealth and, really, this overlaps with so many other topics that we may be weaving in and out of this topic making useful connections. How you move makes all the difference in the quality of your stealth but how and where you stop matters too. Effective use of cover is key. When you stop and try to hide, choose something that has rough edges so if your elbow or knee protrudes, your opponent can easily mistake it for part of the outline of the object behind which you are hiding. An example of this would be a bush versus a tree. A tree has a predictable outline so if your silhouette is next to it the human mind sees a red flag. If, however you crouch next to a bush that has an irregular outline your crouched outline would be much less likely to be detected. If you are wearing camouflage that blends in with the foliage, you’ll be invisible. If you also use foliage as part of your camouflage or a scarf (durka) to make your shape less recognizably human you’ll go a far way to effective use of cover.

Check back next week for the continuation of this topic. 

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