Stealth 1/4

by Sky Friend on September 13, 2016 — Updated: November 28, 2019

Now that you’ve got your Paintball equipment, including your new or used marker, your protective gear, an effective face mask and lots of paintball, it’s time to think strategies and tactics. For those really new to paintball strategy is the overall plan of attack and tactics at the method by which you manifest your strategy. In the next few blogs we’ll cover several topics revolving around strategy and tactics, in no particular order so be sure to keep checking back to improve your skills!

Stealth. Anyone who has ever hunted or even played backyard hide and go seek knows the importance of stealth. By moving quietly and remaining undetected you maintain the element of surprise. If your entire team can manage this, you have a great chance at catching the opponent off guard. Moving slowly but steadily is key. If you move too fast you might lose focus and step on a branch and make a sound or call attention to the ‘enemy’ who is scanning the horizon for movement. If you do make a sound, keep moving since it would take multiple sounds from the same location for the ‘enemy to be able to triangulate the sound and figure out where you are and of course if you are no longer in the same location this would be difficult! Large number of team members are hard to hide so it is recommended that to maintain maximum stealth you limit your numbers to between 4 to 6.

Check back for more tips!

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