Paintball Basics

by Sky Friend on September 13, 2016 — Updated: November 28, 2019

Every once in a while we need to go back to basics and talk to the novices out there. Firstly, welcome to the fun, exciting world of paintball! There is a whole world of paintball to explore with it’s own vocabulary, techniques, equipment, and obsessions to enjoy. In this blog we’ll go over a few basics words.

  • Marker this word is generally used in place of Paintball Gun.
  • Air system. A paintball gun, or marker uses a compressed gas canister to propel the paintball. The gas usually used is carbon dioxide or high pressure air, though nitrogen is a very popular choice since ti doesn’t get cold like carbon dioxide does when fired. There are varying speeds of expulsion and people generally try to keep it around 90 meters a second (90 m/s) which is strong enough to make sure the paintball ruptures upon impact but slow enough not to cause injury beyond some bruising.
  • Masks. Wearing a mask during paintball is a requirement since you are going to want to protect your face (eyes especially) from paintballs and of course the paint. Choosing a mask with a throat guard is a good idea. Even if no one is shooting at you, you are just doing target practice, wear a mask since ricochets are possible.
  • Paintball Apparel. There is a wide world of specialty clothes for Paintballing including shirts with padding, gloves, packs and vests to carry extra cartridges. There is also a wide range of branded clothes to show your love of paintball.

That’s just the tiniest peak into the vast world of Paintballing. Next time we’ll talk about beginner tips to get you ready for your first time. 

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