More Tips for Upping Your Paintball Game

by Sky Friend on September 13, 2016 — Updated: November 28, 2019

Have you had a chance to read our last blog yet? If so, then you already know a few things that could help you up your paintball game. We do more than just offer great deals on new and used paintball guns and gear, we also want to help you to make the most out of our products! The following is a list of a few more tips that will help you to become a better paintball player:

  • Know your limits - When you are in the middle of an intense game, it is not the time to try new things or push your body past its physical limits. When you know your limits, you will also have the benefit of knowing what you can do best!
  • Get into shape - Paintball is a very physical sport, and it can only benefit your game to get into better shape. When you are in great shape, you can focus more on the game itself, rather than just on how much your body can handle.
  • Practice - Paintball is just like any other sport, the more you practice on your own, the better you will be able to perform in a game. 
  • Don't fire before you aim - This may seem like a no-brainer, but it happens quite often. In the excitement of the moment, it is all too easy to get trigger happy and to fire before you aim. This lowers your chance of hitting someone, and it also alerts them to your presence, which makes it more difficult to hit them even after you've aimed. 

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