How To Properly Fill A Paintball Pod

by Sky Friend on November 28, 2019

140 Round Paintball Pods

What is a pod? A pod is a plastic tube that is used to hold your paintball ammunition. A pod pack is harness that is normally strapped around your waste that holds your pods. There are many different variations of pods like Dye Lock Lids, Virtue Press Flick pods, Indian spring 100/140 count guppies, and 10 round pump tubes. The most common pod size holds about 140 rounds. Pods use a spring loaded lid to keep the balls from falling out and for opening easily with one hand.

There are many different ways to fill your pods. You can use pod fillers, pod caddies, or simply use the bag the paint comes in.Paintball Caddie Properly filling a pod to maximize your amount of rounds without breaking them is very important. In order to do this you must follow these steps:

  1. Fill a pod a little above the top rim.
  2. Placing your hand over the mouth of the pod.
  3. Shake the pod to settle the Paintballs
  4. Add a few more Paintballs.
  5. Shake again if necessary.
  6. Close the lid.
  7. Shake to ensure there is no space left.

No Paintballs should be smashed in the process of closing the lid. If they are smashed, remove a couple. If you shake the pod at step 7 and it has space, you need to add more Paintballs. Make sure your pods are filled snuggly.

To see a real example of this, checkout Hustle Paintball's video for how to do this below:

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