How to Properly Clean Your Paintball Marker

by Sky Friend on September 13, 2016 — Updated: November 28, 2019

There is nothing worse than being out on the field, primed to get the winning shot of the game, only to find out that your paintball gun isn't working properly. A well-made paintball marker should last you quite a while, but if you don't take proper care of it, you are likely to run into some unfortunate issues. There are a few things that you can do to keep your marker working like new, but the first and maybe the most important thing to remember is cleaning.

Cleaning your marker every once in a while is a must for anyone who plays regularly. To properly clean your marker, you should disassemble it, and clean away the dirt, paint, and grime with a clean and dry cloth. Steer clear of using water, soap, or an abrasive sponge. If you are having trouble getting the more stubborn stuff off with your dry rag, you can try using a little warm water, but if you decide to use water, always make sure that everything is dry before you reassemble your marker. Be sure to pay close attention to the barrel, the chamber, and the breech of your marker while cleaning, as these are typically the dirtiest parts of any paintball gun.

Cleaning is just one of the many things that you can do to keep your marker in good working order. The next step is lubrication. Would you like to learn how to properly lubricate your paintball marker? If so, please stay tuned for our next blog!

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