Finding The Barrel Sweet Spot 2/4

by Sky Friend on September 13, 2016 — Updated: November 28, 2019

We have all the paintball equipment to make your Paintballing experience top-notch. We carry used paintball guns, all components of paintball guns, and every conceivable piece of equipment you could need. In the quest for the perfect shot, the spotlight goes to the choice of the barrel. A barrel can make or break your paintball game. To help you choose the right equipment we are are continuing our blog series on barrels.

A barrel is made up of several components: the tip, the barrel, the bored barrel, and the optional bore barrel insert. We’ll go over each of these parts and what makes qualities of each contribute to a good, true shot. This blog will concentrate on Bored Barrels.

Bored Barrels

First, for beginners, we should define what a bore is and what the caliber is. The bore is the inside diameter of the barrel and the caliber is the ball size. The standard caliber size is .68 caliber range. But they can vary from .50 to .695 caliber. For instance, you can see that the Planet Eclipse Pooty Splash CSL comes with two barrel backs: .681 and .689.

A bored barrel has been honed to the exact size of the paintball and the result is a truer shot. The front part of the barrel increases the length, and thus the range of the shot, and the back piece is bored to the caliber of the paintball. Once you’ve got your shot as true as you can get it through a perfectly honed barrel, it’s time to think about the length of the barrel. We’ll cover barrel length in our next blog.

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