Financing vs Layaway

Financing vs Layaway

by Isaac Litzenberger on December 30, 2021 — Updated: February 21, 2024

If you want the latest gear but cannot or do not want to fork the cash over right now, then you might turn to a payment plan. This can take the form of either financing or a layaway plan.


The major benefit of financing is that you will receive your items/order right away, but don't forget it impacts your credit—for good or bad. While it usually gives you a slightly longer time to pay than a layaway, if you do not pay on time it can adversely affect your credit score. Conversely, if you pay on time you can boost your credit score.


Layaway plans are great because they keep the product(s) you want reserved while you pay, and they do not require a line of credit. However, they usually have a shorter payment period with fewer, larger payments.

Should I finance or layaway?

Choose financing if:

  • You prefer to receive the order or product before you finish paying
  • You prefer smaller payments
  • You would like a little longer to pay (you may not have to pay interest if you pay within a certain time period)
  • Your like the idea of slightly improving your credit score (assuming you pay on time)

Finance your purchase »

Choose a layaway plan if:

  • You can pay it off quickly with fewer, larger payments
  • You do not want to open a line of credit or have more debit
  • You do not have a credit score/history
  • You have a poor credit score

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We offer both financing and layaway for in stock Paintball, Airsoft, Non Lethal, and more products in our store.

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